After almost three years of successfully bringing together neighbours in the four pilot cities and creating new Neighbourhoods, MyNeighbourhoods will participate to its final conference. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch up with all the partners and learn about our experience and achievements!


See you in Lisbon!

See you in Lisbon!


MyNeighbourhood will present its findings and activities on June 24 at the Beyond 2020 Forum in Lisbon. Several partners from pilot municipalities, research centres and the European Commission will discuss the MyNeighbourhood vision and methodologies, as well as the role of Human Smart Cities in Europe and in the daily life of citizens. You can find more details on the MyNeighbourhood contribution to the forum and the complete programme here.


Beyond 2020 believes that Social Innovation in the city context must be the focus of the urban innovation ecosystem ensuring that technology supports citizens. In this context of mobility, investment, innovation, entrepreneurship, in which cities are evermore living beings, endowed with their own energy, an intelligence that allows them to reinvent themselves year after year, Beyond 2020 wants to highlight the role of the human beings as the core of the city transformation and improve its intervention in this new stage of the evolution of our planet. Visit the Beyond 2020 website for all the latest information on the forum, the speakers, contacts, and more!


To confirm your participation, register through this link. MyNeighbourhood and Beyond 2020 are waiting for you!



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