As the interest is growing amongst our vibrant community for the new MyN Online Platform, the Aalborg pilot is looking to expand and harvest users experiences.

At a gathering in one of Aalborg’s finest functionalist buildings, designed in the early 1940s by Bent Helweg-Møller, the pilot crew stepped aside to let a group of users become friendlier with the MyN platform.


The approach to this get together with users was to let the MyN platform speaks for itself. The feelings have been mixed amongst the participants at the start of the usability test, but as newer versions have been released, participants welcome it and ideas started to flow for future improvements.


This highlights an overall trust in the product at a conceptual level. Next step will be a dynamic uptake of the platform during autumn.

Aalborg is now ready to unleash the full potential of the MyN platform and services towards its citizens !!

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