During the trial period, the Voluntary Help Service has as assisted 11 people with disabilities in finding a volunteer to accompany them to different activities and engage in social relations. Currently many more are on waiting list, interested in finding a volunteer to match their needs.

Luckily resent initiatives to attract more volunteers are beginning to pay off, and more people are registering to volunteer little by little.

This is especially thanks to a collaboration with the study leaders of UCN educations for occupational therapists and pedagogues in Aalborg, who has been kind to distribute information about the voluntary help service to their students – an opportunity for them to do good and at the same time gain relevant experience.

Meanwhile the Aalborg pilot team is getting familiar with the recently MyN platform and has been working to get it ready in Danish so more users can register. Also the team are planning how to transform the prototype for service registration to be implemented in the platform, so users in the future can sign up through there.

Stay tuned for the official launch of MyN Portal, where you will be able to find out more about Aalborg’s Voluntary Help Service and much more …

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