The final day has arrived! We were straight into our level 2 assessment in the morning which was a good thing really. Better over and done with so as we could enjoy the last afternoon. Again, our little group had bonded well and all helped each other out. And we didn’t get wet!! It was all over in time for a celebratory lunch as we were told we had all passed with flying colours.

The afternoon was fun. We did some Level 3 cycling and teaching. Basically we were escorted to the busiest of junctions and roundabouts in central Birmingham and off we went, zipping around, negotiating traffic lights and queuing traffic! Sounds scary but it was surprisingly fun!

And in a blink of the eye, the course has come to and end. There have been the hard up hills where I’ve had to pedal hard overcoming nerves but I got to the top! I coasted along the plateaus with others whom I shared this journey with and who have become fiends. And of course there have been the glorious down hills: meeting lovely people, passing exams and feeling great! Pardon all my clichés; couldn’t resist the opportunity!

I guess really my journey is really just beginning and I’m now looking forward to sharing this wonderful feeling with many others.


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