The service Quarto food club combines the need for affordable and gourmet food prepared having in mind the nutrition needs of the elderly people, with the opportunity for young people to do practical training and testing new business model hypothesis. Stakeholders that were engaged in the co-design phase of the service in Quarto Oggiaro, Milan, were really anxious to see how this would work.

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Right before the end of this school year, a trial implementation the Quarto food Club has been successfully carried on.

The students of the high school Istituto Lagrange – Brera, located in an area close to Quarto Oggiaro, have designed the invitation and 22 elderly people were offered a memorable experience. As elders reported, it was a real treat. After a warm welcome by the students of the hotel management, some professors and the principal of the school in the main hall “Accoglienza”, the guests have been accompanied to the gym for a lesson – geared with music – that aimed to show how, together with healthy food, physical exercise is extremely important. Everybody joined with much interest and were then ready for lunch with more appetite.

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The food preparation of this project that involve teenager student cooks, revolved around a research in healthy food for senior citizens.

At the very beginning of the meal, there has been a cocktail and a buffet for a standing “aperitivo”.

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Then the various courses of the menu were served giving time to the guests to relax and fully enjoy the moment. The students that waited the dishes, explained about the food and wines and interacted with a new  type of guests. The guests had the occasion to read and talk about the project.

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After the lunch and of course the caffè, the students have held a mini session on healthy eating tips for seniors, showing  some materials they created with  a  number of small, manageable steps to achieve a tasty and healthy diet.

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A moving moment has been when the “brigades” came out, and every guest could see how many students and teachers were involved in the food preparation, and a general clap closed the event.

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This occasion provided a social life opportunity for elderly people in Quarto Oggiaro, and the opportunity for the students to test their skills and get recognition, investigating the possibilities offered by a new service that will be carried out next year.

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For this special occasion, which represented also the final exam of the students of three Professional courses (Hotel Management, Waiters and Bartenders, and Cooks), the meal has been offered by the school. At the very end, a questionnaire has been held to the guests, and 95% of guests responded that they loved the experience and would come back and pay for the meal. The implementation of the Quarto Food Club service will run regularly in the autumn, with the beginning of the next school year, and meanwhile the MyNeighbourhood project team is working on the platform implementing the meal booking service.


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