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During the trial period, the Voluntary Help Service has as assisted 11 people with disabilities in finding a volunteer to accompany them to different activities and engage in social relations. Currently many more are on waiting list, interested in finding a volunteer to match their needs. Luckily resent initiatives to attract more volunteers are beginning […]

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Day 3 already and level 1 assessments were this afternoon! I took in the cake I made; perhaps a chocolate-induced euphoria pre-assessment may help to put Dan and Pete in a good mood!! The morning was spent learning how to risk assess and areas and bit of theory and a great “learn to ride” lesson.… » read more

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The service Quarto food club combines the need for affordable and gourmet food prepared having in mind the nutrition needs of the elderly people, with the opportunity for young people to do practical training and testing new business model hypothesis. Stakeholders that were engaged in the co-design phase of the service in Quarto Oggiaro, Milan, […]

Posted by Daniel VAN LERBERGHE