To give everyone a flavour of our Ladywood Women on Wheels pilot, new cycle instructor Afsha has agreed to share her training experience with us.

My name is Afsha and I guess I’d describe myself as regular mum whose life changed in every way possible through Exercise!! I have always been involved in health, as a Pharmacist, but more recently as a Personal Trainer and I can say one thing: there is nothing like being fit to combat illness, improve mental health and prevent a whole host of chronic conditions. I re-discovered cycling again after having my children and I absolutely love it. It gives me confidence, its fun and it keeps me fit . It’s also free transport, and no parking problems!! I want to become a cycling instructor because, apart from a super way of getting healthy, I want others, especially women who may have never had the opportunity before, to feel a heart-thumping happiness, the wind in their hair, and that feeling of ultimate freedom as you fly downhill on a cycle!

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