The journey begins! I’ve been feeling pretty excited about it until I started reading the ‘National Standard for Cycle Training’ document this morning. It all looked quite achievable but then I came to the words “must be able to diagnose …faults..low tyre pressure…poor braking…loose wheels…”

Yikes! Excitement was replaced swiftly with panic; am I going to be able to do this? I feel too old! I’m just a mum, I don’t do technical stuff,I’ve never changed a tyre on a bike, what happens if a wheel comes off….It was quite a disgrace,to say the least.

A calming cup of jasmine tea and bowl of happy carbs (porridge!) later and I’m feeling strong. “Stop being a wimp Afsha, of course you can do this! You have had two kids!” So, off I go to do something exciting and learn new things having cleared the first self-inflicted hurdle with grace and poise.

Wish me luck!

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