Its a full-on , top to toe , head to foot waterproof day today!

The thing I really like about the course is the fact they get you teaching straight away. You really feel you are going to struggle to remember all the teaching points but once you’re there in the deep end and the group helps and supports each other, it all goes quite well! We did level two training today and I felt so much better. As we progressed through the outcomes and all had a go teaching, demonstrating, assessing and giving feedback, we all became more confident and competent! And the basic manoeuvres became quite natural to teach. Maybe I do have a chance to pass this after all!

Returning on a confidence-high but looking like a drowned rat, I had lunch and a well-earned warming brew before settling in for the afternoon’s theory session. Again, lots of interaction and participation, keeping us interested. We spent the last half of the afternoon in the workshop, checking our bikes and using scary words like “brake discs, levers, tyre pressure, valves, cranks and cogs”. I am proud to announce that although I may not be anywhere near an expert, I can now look at a pressure valve with smug confidence ( instead of shamefully calling on the other half)and say..”Ahaa, a Presta Valve! No worries sir, I know how to pump this tyre up!”

All in all, a good day for me. Day 3 we start our assessments, so its some stress-relief (cake –baking ) and and early night for me!

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