The service Quarto Gardening provides the possibility for the Municipality of Milan to access the competence of the students of the Agricultural School “Pareto” to take care of some green areas in Quarto Oggiaro neighbourhood.


The service develops a new way for the Municipality to maintain green spaces, and at  the same time it represents an opportunity for the young population to do practical training and testing new business model hypothesis related to local garden maintenance business.

After the implementation work with local citizens and authorities in order to find  relevant green areas, the high school for agriculture “Pareto” team has worked on potential projects to regenerate and maintain these areas.

students getting ready

One of these gardening projects is the restoration of the flower beds in a pedestrian street in the heart of Quarto Oggiaro. This area is a significant urban space where public life intertwines in front of the local church of Santa Lucia, and not far from the weekly market place.

ready to be planted

The green areas and flower beds are going to be revised entirely by the high school students as part of their academic curricula. They plan to use plants that are adapted to the site, many of which routinely grown on balconies and terraces and are used in daily food preparation.

project school


The ultimate goal is to create green spaces that offers citizens the opportunity to come into direct contact with nature, awakening awareness even with the presence of signs that invite the respect and preservation of the species present. Their intervention will hopefully improve and lend to re-envision the relationship between citizens and public green areas.

pedestrian street


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