On Thursday, 13 March, MyNeighbourhood and the Human Smart Cities network, will hold a Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Stay Tuned on MyNeighbourhood’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) and follow the hashtag: #HumanSmartCities and post your messages @MyN_EU !


The conference “Human Smart Cities: The Future of Cities Today” aims at setting a stage to discuss the future of the cities and how the vision of the Human Smart City can support the local development in urban ecosystems, by connecting technology, innovation and social factors.

International experts, national politians and partners of the European innovation projects that contributed to the creation of the Human Smart Cities vision and manifesto, will participate in the different panels of the conference to share their perspectives and experiences regarding the implementation of such vision.

Join us on this discussion @MyN_EU and help building the future of your city today.


Membership of the Human Smart Cities Network is open to cities from all the world that share our vision and are willing to sign the Human Smart Cities Manifesto.

We believe our Network is a platform to share knowledge and experiences about the role of people in building citizen-driven digital social innovation new city services for a sustainable society.

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