A crew of international video operators has beaten the roads of Quarto Oggiaro on February 3rd and 4th, interviewing on the project co design and implementation phases stakeholders and representatives of the community, as well as representatives from Milan Municipality.

This meant one more time the engagement of all relevant partners that will make the implementation phase possible.

This neighborhood is unique among the other areas in Milan; it has had a difficult history but it also has a lot of solidarity and altruism. Part of the footage was held in Piazzetta Capuana, one of the well established public spaces in the district, which up to a decade ago had been very run down and frequented by drug pushers, until local residents, volunteers, groups and committees joined together reclaim it and bring life back into this square.

In the video, that will be available soon, the principles of the schools involved in the services explain how the MyNeigbourhood project certainly fits the role of the most suitable educational activities, most importantly for the students skill building. The project will therefore help youngsters to continue the contact with the local area, and also to enhance the neighbourhood of Quarto Oggiaro.

A key role is played by elderly people too, wait until you see the video to discover how…


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