PERIPHÈRIA is organizing the project final conference which will be held in Rome on the 29th and 30th of May. This conference will be organized during the ForumPA 2013 event, the largest Public Administration conference in Italy.

This large scale event for PERIPHÈRIA, will be mainly focused in enriching the impact of the project and leveraging the Human Smart City vision to global scale involving in this movement a selection of the main thinkers of Smart Cities and representatives of cities like Lisbon, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Birmingham as well as Rio de Janeiro, Campinas and Florianopolis in Brazil.

The Smart City is by now a model for the application of Future Internet services and infrastructure towards radical improvements of urban services in terms of efficiency and sustainability. In recent experiences in this area, however, a new vision is emerging that enriches the original concept with the human perspective, as gained through the application of citizen-centric and participatory approaches to the co-design and development of Smart City services.

Indeed, it is becoming clear that “smartness” alone – sensors, meters, infrastructures – risks placing the citizen outside of the process, as a user who never takes the kind of ownership of the services that can only be ensured by engagement in their co-design from the very start.

This Conference explores this emergent model for Human Smart Cities and the “softer” features of “smartness” such as clarity of vision, citizen empowerment, participation, etc. which can complement the technological drive of the underlying infrastructures.


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The PERIPHERIA Conference will be on the Palazzo dei Congressi in the Roma-EUR quarter, in Piazza John Kennedy 1.

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